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Users to invite to a doc, should be scroll list

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If I create a doc and want to invite a friend, I click on the (+) symbol and it asks me to type username. This has several inconveniences:
  • I might know the name of the person (Rana GarcĂ­a) but not know her username (renita)
  • As I can add any username (not just my buddies) I might miss-spell the username and add someone else. E.g. I add "rana" thinking its her username... and another person is added

Implement the same scroll list that has the search bar, but just for users (filtering out the groups). Optimally, prioritizing buddies in the list, as stated in issue #189 and its comments: http://kune.ourproject.org/issues/ticket/189


#1 Updated by Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado almost 10 years ago

For now this is not straightforward. Furthermore, currently this part of the WIAB code is changing so we have to wait. Until that, this new functionality facilitate a lot the adding and sharing of contents via drag & drop:

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