Enhancement #369

Allow groups to automatically ask question to newcomers

Added by Samer - over 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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Category:Group space
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  • Alice presses the "Join" button of Group A (she doesn't belong to it)
  • A dialog appear: "The group #groupA asks you: Why do you want to join this group? How do you plan to participate?". The dialog includes a Textfield where Alice can write her answer.
  • The reply is sent to the group Admins, as the petition of Alice to join the group... and they can decide more informed.

Optional: let groups choose which questions to ask
Optional: facilitate that the admin(s) can contact Alice to request more info (in a wave message)


#1 Updated by Samer - over 9 years ago

  • Category set to Group space

#2 Updated by Vincent Osele about 9 years ago

This functionallity could be use even is the group is not moderated.
For example, this could allow members to present them self, with the help of a dialog.

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