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User settings: unclear for newbies what Style/License/Tools it changes

Added by Samer - over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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In user settings, although "General", "Security" and "Avatar" are very clear, others are not. "Tools", "Style" and "License" refer to the user's personal space. However, messages refer to
- "the tools used" (in general?),
- "Change this workspace theme" (which workspace?),
- "license for all the contents of this group" (group?).

Besides, I would
- exchange order or Avatar and Tools, so Tools+Style+License all refer to the same personal space.

PS: I mark this as "easy"

Associated revisions

Revision 4047867f
Added by Samer - over 9 years ago

Customized descriptions for Style & License (user preferences),
different from group space, #448

Revision 40ba3936
Added by Samer - over 9 years ago

changed order of tabs showing in user preferences, #448


#1 Updated by Samer - over 9 years ago

Fixed Style, License and order.

To be fixed: Tools.

#2 Updated by Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado over 9 years ago

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