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Problems with license tooltip

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Right now, the default tooltip in the default group license is:

(c) kune under license: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

This has two issues:
# The (c) should not be for "kune" but for the group (or the user if it's a user space). Kune should not own the copyright of the contents created in the platform.
  1. Nowadays it uses the short-user-name and the short-group-name. I would use the long versions.
  2. This should be the default license for the contents of the group, but it should be possible to specify a different license of a specific document (in the body of the document). We can allow this simply changing the default tooltip sentence.
  3. Legally, the copyright notice should include the year to be valid.

Combining the three of them, I'd suggest this new tooltip for groups:

(c) <long-group-name> <year>, under license (unless specified otherwise): Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

for user spaces:

(c) <long-user-name> <year>, under license (unless specified otherwise): Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

PS: I'd like to work on this, please specify if you like it with +1


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Ooops, I just noticed (1) was completely wrong, as it's already implemented. I got into the group #kune and obviously saw "kune" in the tooltip, and got confused xD Sorry! I added something else.

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