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Minor issue with keyword/language filling in form

Added by Samer - over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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In step 1:
  • Alice fills her keywords: "education", "children" typing "tab" or "enter" after each and everything works.
  • Alice fills "ecology" but after clicks with the mouse outside of the keywords box.
  • The "ecology" field turnes pink instead of green (as it is uncomplete).
  • Alice can click Next... but that keyword stays "pink" waiting for you to finish filling it.

The same happens with Languages. You can easily reproduce this as long as you click outside of the large boxes for keywords/languages.

I guess the field should turn green (complete) when it loses focus.

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#1 Updated by Mario Gallegos over 9 years ago

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I tried to reproduced this issue however the field was left on pink only in the case that the keyword was repeated, for example if there already was a keyword “ecology” and I try to add it again when I clicked outside of the keywords box the field turnes pink otherwise (if is not repeated) it turns green. Can you check if this was what happend?

#2 Updated by Mario Gallegos over 9 years ago

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I realized that I have to validate when you click “next” to check that there are no repeated keywords or languages.

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